The short story

This site is all about finding unusual, amazing examples of interior design and writing about the business from a trade-focused perspective. Please follow me on twitter here and add me to your RSS feeds.  I’m always looking for new blogs to follow and online shops to visit, so please feel free to leave a comment with your favorite things.

The long story

I grew up in Gwinnett, a suburb of Atlanta, Ga and attended Georgia State University, pursuing a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in photography. My initial decision to attend GSU was based solely on my love of WRAS, 88.5, the college radio station there. Clearly, my academic aspirations weren’t exactly in line with the norm. I decided to pursue photography when I was 15 and my mother enrolled me in classes at the Portfolio Center and Creative Circus in Atlanta, which later become the Showcase School. When I entered college, I was sure that being a tour photographer for Morrissey was the best thing to do, and proceeded accordingly.

While in college I had a number of technical jobs for various large communication and publishing companies. I have never held a non-technical job and continued to focus on information security after college. I’ve never used my degree in a traditional sense, but I feel like having the experience of creating something new in college and understanding how people react to artistic endeavors has been helpful for me. I have a slew of technical and infosec certifications and made a 10 year career out of securing the nations information security interests through various federal government and large private industry positions.

Why did I stop focusing on stopping hackers to start doing interior design criticism? Basically I feel that my eye is good and has been developed since I was a child. My mother has owned her own interior design firm for 30 years and I’ve been thoroughly indoctrinated in not just the aesthetics of decor, but the hard, slogging business of finding pieces, textiles and services in the design trade industry. I went to ADAC for the first time when I was about 10 and have spent countless hours with design professionals as a child and while assisting my mother in her business. She is incredibly talented and does amazing work.

This blog is a little different than some other interior design blogs because I’m actually not interested in being an interior designer. After seeing it up close, first hand for much of my life, it is not something I feel I could really excel at. Instead, I like doing critique for fun and finding unusual examples of incredible things.

I hope you’ll enjoy looking at incredible interiors with me. Feel free to comment at will.

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